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We are not creating professionals, instead
professionals become specialists who comes out from LSF
The proposed deemed University Under Completion
Man is living with many activities. We call them as engineering, law, medicine, driving, or anything that he does. But whenever we are able to find out the volume and value of the 64 scientific concepts we can make him as a specialist in his field. We can look into 64 factors that are the scientific laws of nature. Understanding this '64' ancient principles is the totality of all living and non-living beings on this earth

If you are not comfortable with your living, you should learn the law of nature that will teach you how to live better. We are more specific in branching out syllabus and career for each and every student as per the need of his satisfaction and necessity of the universe. For satisfying that we are strictly follow  as per the standard and guide lines of  World Standard INSTITUTE. They are known as  institute of equations, Institute of human health and management
Institute of air craft architecture, Institute of construction technology, Institute of marine science and ship building, Institute of agronomy and farming art, Iinstitute of food technology, Institute of fashion and  design, Institute of sound science technology, Institute of performing art, Institute of food and beverages, Institute of packaging, Institute of total quality management, Institute of earth science and nature management, Institute of chemical and hazards management technology, Institute of metals and minerals, Institute of farming art , Institute of Astronomical -physics , Institute of fine arts, Institute of language studies and research- are the main branches of classification . All these institutes come under the administrative body of LIFE SCIENCE FOUNDATION.
It is a universal charitable trust  formed for charity and education and not for profit. LIFE SCINCE FOUNDATION (LSF) is multy continental and any or all students have no boundaries for learning any science and technology as per the Guru Kula system of education. We are dedicated to teach ultimate level both in theoretically and practically with in the campus itself and develop workalcoholism inones own profession. That we believe one has hundred percentage dedication in his profession he become the leader and master in which he is doing as a profession.We need your support for setting up and develop this global venture for next generation through your donations, promotions, blessings and advice.

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